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Campus Sights


  Skillfully landscaped, the MCUT campus offers much to our students, faculty, and staff. Our students study in pleasant surroundings with a great variety of world class facilities and landscape parks. Those beautiful parks and sights include:



School Motto Park

The school motto “Diligence, Perseverance, Frugality and Trustworthiness” is combined with the beautification of our campus to let our students learn from the environment.

Nine Tribes Park

A sculpture representing the inter-tribal fusion in Taiwan was displayed in this park. The park was so named to illustrate that our former students appreciate the MCUT founder, Mr. Y. C. Wang, for his support of education of aboriginal students.

Confucius Statue Park

A statue of Confucius was placed here to express the ideas of “No child was left behind” and “teaching each individual irrespective of his/her gender, race, or social origin.”

Y. C. Wang Memorial Park

A bronze statue commemorating the MCUT founder, Mr. Y. C. Wang, stands in this memorial park. The statue was raised to remind students of the importance of holistic education and life-long learning.

Frugality Garden

The Frugality Garden, in its simple design, was built by our former aboriginal students. This garden offers all students and faculty a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the beautiful surrounding